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Buy Premium Quality Hooded Bathrobes Online

A bathrobe helps in keeping your body warm after taking bathes. They serve the dual purpose of drying off your body and protecting you or your loved one’s body from cold. You can slip on a bathrobe to wind down at night before going to bed or after waking up in the morning.
Check out these factors to choose and purchase a hooded dressing gown for yourself or your children.

hooded dressing gown

Assess Your Preference – Luxury or Simple
Do you want luxury bathrobes or simple dressing gowns, children bathrobes or large-sized bathrobes? You should assess your requirements and preferences that will enable you to make the right choice.

Fabric or Material
Bathrobes come in different fabrics such as cotton, terry, satin, silk, and jersey knit fabric. People love cotton and terry for their softness, absorption, and durability. You can purchase Egyptian cotton hooded dressing gown for your home, hotel, or guesthouse.

Besides, you should consider your budget and get quality bathrobes and dressing gowns at a pocket-friendly price from our online store.


Feel free to check out our well-stocked inventory and choose your most preferred bathrobes for purchase. You will love the quality of our bathrobes as well as the shopping experience.


Why Purchase Luxury Bath Towels For Self and Loved Ones?

Bath towels are an essential part of any bathroom. They help dry off your body and hair after a pleasant cold or hot shower. Having luxury bath towels will pamper your loved one’s mood and give them a spa-like experience in the comfort of your home. Picking up super comfortable Egyptian cotton luxury towels and bath towels from an online store will help you relax and maintain hygiene. Besides, you can dry, cuddle or comfort your children, keeping them warm, happy, and safe.

#1. Get Spa-like Experience

High-quality luxury cotton towels look and feel great. They will give you a spa-like feeling that will boost your mood instantly and help promote happiness and well-being.

#2. Soft and Durable for an Enjoyable Bathing Experience

Be they hand towels used for drying off hand or face or luxury towels, cotton towels are soft and fluffy that give you lasting services. You can purchase white towels or coloured towels and get the best experience.

#3. Keep Your Children Warm and Safe

Hand towels, bath towels, and bath sheets are essential items in every bathroom. They will help you keep your children dried, warm, and well-protected. Visit our online store and feel free to browse our inventory to purchase your choicest bath towels or luxury towels at a pocket-friendly price.

Kids Bathrobes: Perfect Blend of Fun and Comfort

Summer days and fun go hand-in-hand for children. There are several fun ways and outdoor activities to get dirty, meaning nightly baths are usually an unavoidable part of your child’s everyday routine. Wrapping your kids up in a quality bathrobe after a shower is a convenient solution to keep them dry and comfortable. Here are some more reasons why bathrobes are essential in your child’s bathroom.

Running Through the Sprinkler or Playing in the Pool

Kids generally pick up their towels, quickly dry off, and then throw them onto the floor somewhere in a wet heap. We can’t blame them as towels aren’t always convenient for children to wrap around themselves. This is why kids bathrobes are amazing. They are very convenient and easier for children to use to dry off than the towels.

Nights Under the Stars

No matter how hot days get during the summer months, the nights can still be very cold. Whether the kids are sitting under the stars or just chilling in front of the campfire on camping trips, having bathrobes are great, as they allow kids to wear their pajamas underneath to keep their legs warm.

To Wrap Up

Summer is an amazing time for children, and it is the best time of the year to get them out of their homes and into some fresh air. Of course, they will most likely get dirty every day after their play hours, meaning you will be giving them more baths than usual. This is why keeping kids bathrobes and kids ponchos are a must in their wardrobes to keep them warm, cosy, and happy!

Reasons Why Hooded Dressing Gowns are Underrated

Dressing gowns are made to give you warmth after you take a shower. There are a wide range of dressing gowns available in the market nowadays. One of the best selling dressing gowns is the hooded dressing gown, which covers not only the body but also your head. Let’s read about the advantages:

· Helps dry your hair after a shower

Just like other regular dressing gowns, a hooded dressing gown can also keep you dry and warm after a shower. To make it even better, it features a hood that can also help dry your hair.

· Helps provide extra warmth during cold days

When the temperature begins to drop, it is ideal to have clothes that can keep you cosy and warm even when you are indoors. Hooded dressing gowns not only provide you that extra warmth during those colder months but look stylish as well.

· Helps keep you dry in between swims

Hooded dressing gowns are a great companion for swimming parties! They are convenient to put on when you are chilling with your friends or family in-between time spent in the pool. They also help minimise sun exposure, helping you not to get burnt.

· Perfect for overnight outdoor activities

Overnight outdoor activities are very popular nowadays! From camping to glamping, hooded dressing gowns offer you an ideal way to stay warm when you are sleeping outdoors. However, you need to remember that the weather is often unpredictable.

· Helps keep you cosy when you are under the weather

It is always comforting to throw on something cosy and warm when you are sick. Hooded dressing gowns are suitable for such situations. Studies have shown that some people sleep more peacefully with an extra weight enveloping them, so a heavy hooded dressing gown or blanket is an excellent way of getting some instant TLC when you want it the most!

Gym Towels Guide: Why They are Essential

A good gym towel is a must if you are a regular at the gym. Whether you’re a workout enthusiast, a gym owner, a personal trainer, or new to the fitness scene, it is worthwhile to know about the unique characteristics of gym towels and why they are essential.


· They help minimise the spread of germs:

Germs are an inevitable part of any fitness centre. Using a gym towel to wipe the sweat off your body and face, minimisies the transfer of bacteria. It also helps prevent fungal infections and pimples.

· Use gym towels for extra protection:

Several fitness centres provide paper towels or spray bottles with cleaning solutions to wipe down machines before and after you use them. Before using the equipment, just wipe it with the provided material and then lay your towel down for extra protection. It acts as an extra barrier between you and the machine, which could save you from catching a fungal or bacterial infection.

· Gym towels keep you clean:

Besides the sanitary reasons, using a towel will keep you dry and clean during your workout session. Wiping your face and body with a gym towel during your training session will help eliminate the sweat buildup.

· Gym towels keep you cool:

Part of a good training session includes increasing your heart rate. As your heart rate increases, so does your body temperature. Using a gym towel also helps to cool your body temperature while you work out, encouraging you to push yourself more!

In a Nutshell

Whether you enjoy lifting heavy weights, running on a treadmill, cycling, or all of the above — you probably get a good sweat on each training session. Using a quality gym towel will surely keep yourself comfortable and dry as you workout.

How Dressing Gowns Make Your Life More Comfortable

Dressing gowns were designed to serve several purposes and the relaxation benefits they offer are among the major features that make them a household necessity. There are many ways in which you can enjoy their benefits from the comfort of your home. Let’s read more about the versatility of the dressing gowns in a domestic setting:

· Wearing a dressing gown makes you feel like you are still snuggled in your bed even after you wake up.

· It is perfect for situations when a towel just isn’t the right job. For instance, when you go swimming, come out of the swimming pool, go to dry off, a dressing gown or bathrobe helps you dry off practically whilst moving around the changing room.

· Hooded dressing gowns are usually absorbent and soft, so you can easily put one on when you are out fresh from the shower or bath and require a towel for drying your body and hair.

· Whether you are traveling for work or working from home, a dressing gown allows you to get the work done without having to worry about dressing up. You can write up reports, send some emails, and make important calls, and your clients and colleagues will never find out you are doing so in full relaxation gear.

· Wearing a dressing gown offers you excellent warmth and modesty if you have to interact with some people before you have gotten dressed for the day.

If you are looking to upgrade your wardrobe with a dressing gown, then Duncan Stewart is your ultimate shopping destination. They offer a wide range of dressing gowns in a variety of styles, colours, and fabrics.

Gym Towels: A Must-have for Every Fitness Enthusiast

Your sports club should be well-stocked with premium-quality gym towels as they are an essential component of an excellent gym experience. Consider the amount of sweat you deal with during an intense training session at your gym. Most fitness freaks don’t wear wristbands or headbands to absorb sweat and this is why the sweat rolls onto their clothes.

Keeping soft and clean gym towels has several advantages. Let’s check them out:

Towels Limit the Spread of Germs

Top-quality towels can limit the spread of germs that are present in every fitness club. This is why workout warriors are always encouraged to use showering sandals, towels, and other hygiene solutions to limit the exposure of germs to other gym members.

Towels for Added Protection

Workout towels that are soft yet firm act as a protective layer between workout equipment and members’ stomachs, bottoms, and backs. You can lay down towels on gym equipment for an extra layer of support and protection.

Moisture Absorption

Fitness towels also help to absorb moisture easily. Towels that include loops within the weave of the fabrics permit the absorption of water and sweat. It enhances the overall workout experience.

Gym Towel Care Tips

You should wash your gym towels after each use. Moreover, you must avoid fabric softeners as they coat the fibres of the fabric and can help harbour bacteria while reducing absorbency. You should wash your towels in warm water (40 degrees is optimum, higher temperatures are not good for cotton) as it helps to absorb detergent better, enabling a better cleaning job. Finally, you should never over-dry your towels as it can limit their lifespan.

Kids Bathrobes: Make After Bath Time Fun for Your Little One

Bathrobes are used for drying off after taking a bath or for wearing around your house on cold or rainy days. But they aren’t just for adults; they are equally great for children as well. All kids look adorable dressed in kids bathrobes. Freshly done with a nice shower and sweetly wrapped up in a snuggly and warm bathrobe, they look like little adorable angels. Best of all, they also enjoy wearing it like you and moving around like a boss. Kids bathrobes are not only for comfort, but they have several practical applications too.

Kids are always full of energy and they do not like to sit even for a second, which makes it hard to dry them off after a shower. A kid’s bathrobe is designed to solve your problem to some extent. You can just wrap your little one in a comfortable and cosy bathrobe and let them do what they want to. You can put clothes on them after they are done playing. This will help you save valuable time and allow you to do other important things.

Nowadays, kids bathrobes and kids ponchos have become quite popular. They do not only make shower time more enjoyable at home but also add style to their look for pool parties in summers.

Duncan Stewarts’ wide selection of kids bathrobes offers an adequate amount of room for diversifying their use, no matter what you are doing or where you are. They use premium-quality soft fabrics to make their bathrobes to ensure excellent comfort. So, don’t delay and visit their website today to get a quality bathrobe for your tiny one.

Things to Know Before Buying a Bathrobe for Your Kid!

The little ones will look angelic wrapped up in our comfy kid’s bathrobe. Made from 100% terry towelling, they are an easy solution for bath time. Wrap them up with our children’s bathrobe, with optional personalisation to make your kid’s bathing sessions more fun. A bathrobe can add a stylish touch for your pool kit for swimming lessons or holiday away. Why not purchase a set for the next birthday sleepover or summer pool party?

With a variety of options available in the market, anyone can get confused while choosing the right one for their kid. So, here are some tips to look for before going to shop a bathrobe for your baby boy or girl:

1) Best-quality material:

When we talk about the comfort of your beloved kid, no parent would want to compromise with the quality of the fabric used in the making of the apparel. This is why, looking out for the best-quality stuff, especially the ones that suit your kid’s skin, should be every parents’ priority.

2) Select the hooded ones:

While there is no harm in choosing a simple bathrobe, we always recommend a hooded one due to its versatile nature. A hooded robe not only helps dry your kid’s hair faster, but also keeps them warm and cosy. Also, it can be turned to a nice and creative last-minute Halloween costume, when you run out of options. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

3) Always buy one size bigger:

Children tend to grow fast, so it’s profitable and smart to buy a slightly bigger size in order to make it last longer.

Children have a lot of energy, making it difficult to dress or dry them after a shower. Apparel like a bathrobe and kids ponchos makes this a lot easier, hassle-free and convenient for all the parents out there.

Why use Baby Towels for Babies and Not Regular towels?

Have you ever wondered why buy baby towels? Can’t simply regular towels be used instead? There is no denying the fact that you can use regular towels to dry your baby after a bath. But there are a few considerations to be made before you pick up the right towel to wipe your little one’s skin dry.

Sensitive Baby Skins

Babies have sensitive skin. While keeping that in mind, when we use a special soap, shampoo, moisturiser etc. for your baby, then why not use children towels too? For their gentle skin, they are made of extra soft fabric too.

Less Immunity

Sharing an adult’s towel may pass illnesses to the baby as they have weak immunity and can soon catch diseases and illness, whereas using a different set of towels helps avoid such scenarios. Also, babies have poor resistance to cold, so using baby towels that are softer and warmer will help maintain their body temperature while keeping them cosy too. A regular towel may not be as comfy, soft, or absorbent, so keep that in mind. Many children towels also come with hoods to keep them warm and secure.

Another reason to buy these is that they are super cute just like your babies.


Now you know the reasons why you should opt for specific baby towels instead of regular bath towels. Explore more at to get a great selection of premium-quality baby towels in different colours and designs.