Gym Towels: A Must-have for Every Fitness Enthusiast

Your sports club should be well-stocked with premium-quality gym towels as they are an essential component of an excellent gym experience. Consider the amount of sweat you deal with during an intense training session at your gym. Most fitness freaks don’t wear wristbands or headbands to absorb sweat and this is why the sweat rolls onto their clothes.

Keeping soft and clean gym towels has several advantages. Let’s check them out:

Towels Limit the Spread of Germs

Top-quality towels can limit the spread of germs that are present in every fitness club. This is why workout warriors are always encouraged to use showering sandals, towels, and other hygiene solutions to limit the exposure of germs to other gym members.

Towels for Added Protection

Workout towels that are soft yet firm act as a protective layer between workout equipment and members’ stomachs, bottoms, and backs. You can lay down towels on gym equipment for an extra layer of support and protection.

Moisture Absorption

Fitness towels also help to absorb moisture easily. Towels that include loops within the weave of the fabrics permit the absorption of water and sweat. It enhances the overall workout experience.

Gym Towel Care Tips

You should wash your gym towels after each use. Moreover, you must avoid fabric softeners as they coat the fibres of the fabric and can help harbour bacteria while reducing absorbency. You should wash your towels in warm water (40 degrees is optimum, higher temperatures are not good for cotton) as it helps to absorb detergent better, enabling a better cleaning job. Finally, you should never over-dry your towels as it can limit their lifespan.

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