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Things to Know Before Buying a Bathrobe for Your Kid!

The little ones will look angelic wrapped up in our comfy kid’s bathrobe. Made from 100% terry towelling, they are an easy solution for bath time. Wrap them up with our children’s bathrobe, with optional personalisation to make your kid’s bathing sessions more fun. A bathrobe can add a stylish touch for your pool kit for swimming lessons or holiday away. Why not purchase a set for the next birthday sleepover or summer pool party?

With a variety of options available in the market, anyone can get confused while choosing the right one for their kid. So, here are some tips to look for before going to shop a bathrobe for your baby boy or girl:

1) Best-quality material:

When we talk about the comfort of your beloved kid, no parent would want to compromise with the quality of the fabric used in the making of the apparel. This is why, looking out for the best-quality stuff, especially the ones that suit your kid’s skin, should be every parents’ priority.

2) Select the hooded ones:

While there is no harm in choosing a simple bathrobe, we always recommend a hooded one due to its versatile nature. A hooded robe not only helps dry your kid’s hair faster, but also keeps them warm and cosy. Also, it can be turned to a nice and creative last-minute Halloween costume, when you run out of options. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

3) Always buy one size bigger:

Children tend to grow fast, so it’s profitable and smart to buy a slightly bigger size in order to make it last longer.

Children have a lot of energy, making it difficult to dress or dry them after a shower. Apparel like a bathrobe and kids ponchos makes this a lot easier, hassle-free and convenient for all the parents out there.


Published by DuncanStewart

Duncan Stewart is a family-run business helping to make those special occasions extra special through personalised gifts. Based in West Sussex, Duncan Stewart first established themselves to become one of the UK’s leading suppliers of wholesale premium textiles. Over the last two decades, the business has evolved to bring a diversified range of textiles, homeware, and gift items to our customers.

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