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Types of Towels You Should Know About

After a bath or following a nice skincare routine, a towel is all you need. Towels are a must-have after hours of sweating at the gym, while you travel, and every now and then. Fortunately buying the right towel is important towards keeping your skin happy. For easy choices, know which one to opt for according to uses and preferences.

Big Bath Towels

Bath sheets are usually big in size, to cover the entire body and wrap yourself completely in them. They are super absorbent, plush, and soft on the skin. Many are made using hydro cotton but can also use pure cotton that are easy drying, lightweight, and equally easy to handle. There are numerous choices available online today that even includes personalized bath towels.  

Compact Face Towel

Your facial skin is always exposed to pollution, sunlight, and other stressors and is prone to the most amount of damage. A good face towel becomes essential in such cases. Face towels are compact enough to be carried in bags. They are also absorbent, comparatively more skin-friendly, and extremely lightweight for the ease of carrying.

Handy Gym Towel

You need not fear sweating and burning those extra calories when you have a nice gym towel to take care of you. It is somewhat bigger than the face towel while being smaller than a bath towel. A nice gym towel is absorbent and quick-drying so that while you’re at the gym, it can always be ready for more, just like you.

Caring Hand Towel

Your palms and nails are one of the fastest transmitters of germs. Therefore, you need to ensure that your hands are clean and hygienic. Hand towels are smaller than bath towels and bigger than face towels. There are multiple options available that include many personalized hand towels options.


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Right Bathrobes Buying Guide

Who doesn’t like a cosy and fluffy bathrobe? This special clothing piece will make you feel warm and equally luxurious. Besides making a luxurious possession, they are an important personal requirement. What’s more? Bathrobes also double up like a towel to keep you dry after a shower or a swim. If you plan to buy a new bathrobe, making the correct decision is easy with some considerations.

How Will You Use Your Bathrobe?

There are various ways in which you can use your robe. Once you know its main purpose, go ahead to choose the right material, design, and size.

What Type Of Material Should You Choose?

The material of your bathrobe makes a major impact on the feels and functions. If your bathrobe is meant to keep you dry, choose a robe with absorbent materials. Likewise, if you require warmth, then choose accordingly. If it is meant for lounging, get a soft and light robe.  

Bathrobes often use a blend of materials to improve their desired properties like softness, texture, durability, comfort, and softness. Most common materials include microfiber, cotton terry, silk and satin, cashmere, and chenille.

What Design to Opt For?

Bathrobes come in various styles, but personal preferences also matter. Some of the most popular designs are kimono, shawl collared, angel sleeved, and zipped robes. You can look for robes with pockets and hoods. Bathrobes also come in different sleeve lengths and hems. It is advisable to choose a robe that is one size bigger than your actual size.


Bathrobes are a lifestyle investment that will not just keep you warm, but will also luxuriously wrap you in comfort too. Explore from the numerous choices available at

What to Look for While Buying Kids Bathrobes and Ponchos

Kids are much more sensitive than adults and so, if you plan to dress them in bathrobes, then their bathrobes need to be of the highest quality. There is a wide range of kids towel ponchos and bathrobe options available online, and if you are confused about selecting the right one, then it might not be that difficult, once you know what all to look for?


Kids are fussy. They throw tantrums about choices and comfort. So, you need to look out for clothing pieces that meet their comfort expectations. Look for skin-friendly materials. Cotton robes are most preferred for they are lightweight and have high-absorbency. They are also quick-drying. Though, chenille, velvet, silk & satin can also be considered.


Children bathrobes should be made using the highest quality fabrics. Look for bathrobes that are crafted from a lightweight material and easy to carry. For kids, you should look for children bathrobes that feature full sleeves as they will keep your child protected.

Additional Features

Today, kids’ towel ponchos come in various vibrant colors, eye-catching and kid-friendly patterns and prints. There are also options of the closed and open front with a waist belt to hold it in place. You can also look for bathrobes with and without hoodies. Though hooded bathrobes are cozier and comparatively more water-absorbent.


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Understanding the Different Types of Towels

We have different types of towels for different purposes. Finding the right towel is very important to make your skin happy. Here are some of the most common towels:

Bath Towels

These towels are made of soft and moisture absorbent material and used for drying your body after a shower. They are usually made of cotton. You need to consider various factors such as softness, durability and absorbency while choosing your bath towels.

Hand Towels

These towels are often used in kitchens or bathrooms and are smaller than bath towels. They are used to dry your hands after washing. Typically they come in resilient fabrics. Since they’re small and convenient, you can take this towel to your gym to wipe your sweat and keep yourself clean.

Finger Towels

The finger towels are typically intended for guests to dry and wash their fingertips and hands. They are slightly smaller than hand towels and can be conveniently folded in decorative shapes. The towels are made of soft and absorbent material so that no residue is left.

Bath Sheets

These large towels have more coverage and absorbency and are used for drying after a quick shower. They also need more storage space and take longer to dry than normal towels. They are mostly made of cotton or cotton-polyester material so that it could quickly absorb moisture after bathing.

Beach Towel

The beach towel is bigger and more vibrant than a bath towel. It can be used as a soothing blanket on the beach to keep you away from the sand. They are tough due to their exposure to sunlight, seawater, sand and salt. They also have different material compositions on both sides.


Understanding these basic differences will help you choose your towels wisely. Get premium-quality towels from

How to Choose the Best Gym or Sports Towels

Gym or sports towels are a crucial part of your gym bag as they are used to wipe sweat and keep you dry. So, when choosing your gym towels, keep in mind the following factors:


Since gym towels are available in various fabrics, make sure you choose the one that will dry quickly and is soft and easy to use. Cotton is the most common material due to its absorbency and durability. You can also use other materials, such as cotton-polyester blends, linen or microfiber.

Perfect Shape & Size

A gym or sports towel should be compact in size and shape so that it can fit into your gym bag easily. You must choose the size of your towel based on the time you invest in your workout. If you’re planning to spend 1 hour in the gym, a hand towel will work.


It is important to choose a sports towel that is soft & comfortable, as you will use it in the most vulnerable part of your body. High-quality cotton towels can offer softness along with durability that will decrease the chances of face rashes & irritation.


The main function of your gym towel is to absorb sweat throughout your workout. So, make sure that there are enough loops in your towels as more the loops, stronger the absorbency. It should not be very thick as it will hold the bacteria between the washes.


Choose a thinner towel as it will take less time to dry. Since you’re going to the gym regularly, you might need a gym towel that dries quickly. This would also reduce the chances of bacterial infections and other hygiene concerns.

In Conclusion

Keep these tips in mind while purchasing your gym towels or sports towels. Select premium quality towels from

Why Baby or Kids Towels are Better than Regular Towels

Babies have very sensitive skin and parents need to be very conscious with that. So, instead of using standard towels, one should use kids or baby towels because they are made of soft material that will be delicate on the skin of the baby. Here are some points that highlight why these baby or kids towels are better.

Increase Risk of Illness

If you don’t want your infant to get sick, it’s necessary to use a different set of towels. Babies have a weak immune system that raises the chances of them getting sick easily. If you use a normal towel, bacteria and infection can pass on to your newborn.

Soft & Comfortable

These baby towels are soft and comfortable as compared to the regular towels. Since babies have poor cold tolerance, these towels often help them regulate their body temperature after a bath. They also come with dense hoods to make the baby feel warm.


The baby or kids towel dries quickly as compared to the regular towels. Highly precise weaving techniques make these towels dry much faster without losing the absorbency quality. So it also further decreases the risk of bacteria and mildew growth.

Easy to Use

These towels have self-cleaning properties because of which you have to wash them less as compared to the ordinary towels. And since it is also quick drying, you can use them several times in a day. They also stay in good condition after several washes.

Perfect Size

These kid’s towels are thick and big enough to wrap your baby inside. The thickness will mean that it absorbs all the moisture whilst a large towel will be able to fully cover your baby’s body.


We have to be extra careful while handling the baby, and using these kids or baby towels will boost the baby’s hygiene. Now explore a wide range of baby towels from

What All You Get in Best Quality Towels

Towels are available as bath towels, face towels, and hand towels and there is an endless range available in the market today in different colours, sizes, prints, and materials. If you find it difficult to choose the right towels from the endless range, here are a few tips to make your choices easier.

Absorbency – The best quality bath towels have high water absorbency and can hold enough water. Thicker towels can absorb more water. Absorbency even depends on the type of fibre the towel is made of.

Softness – A quality towel is always skin-friendly, soft and plush and won’t scratch your skin while cleaning. The construction and thread count also determine the softness.

Durability – The best quality bathroom towels stand the test of time. Just like absorbency and softness, the durability of the bath and hand towels is determined by the content of the towel’s fabric.

Quick Drying – To prevent odour and mildew, both bath and hand towels need to dry quickly so that they are ready to be used again within a few hours. Lightweight towels often dry faster and can be the best choice.

Colour-Fastness – Quality towels do not fade and retain colour even after multiple uses, machine washing, and sunlight exposure.


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Why Sport and Gym Towels are a Must-Have

Gym towels are required for a good, hassle-free workout. Gym and sports towels in hand, are important for several reasons.


After a workout, you are sure to sweat. Leaving moisture anywhere, be on any object or skin can become a breeding ground for bacteria. So, it’s always a great idea to carry an absorbent gym towel along.


If you sweat then it can result in slippery grips on dumbbells and other gym equipment. Therefore, you must dry yourself to have a firm and comfortable grip to prevent any sort of injuries.

Environmental Awareness

If you use a paper towel, after only a single-use, it will be thrown away into the trash. If everyone after engaging in sports uses multiple paper towels daily then there will be a lot of waste accumulated in a single day. To reduce this wastage of paper too, it is advisable to use reusable cloth sports towels. So Go Green today!


It may happen that many people don’t sweat even after an hour of workout and hitting the gym, while a few may look like they’ve gone for a swim in a matter of only a few minutes. If you are among those who sweat a lot, it’s important to have easy access to towels to face, arms, legs, without having to feel guilty. 

Good Gym Etiquette

The gym rules usually vary but some basic rules are followed everywhere include sharing equipment, dressing appropriately, respecting others strength. Many gyms even give their members gym towels for cleaning up during and after a workout that shows they are concerned about your comfort and being kind.


As a fitness and sports enthusiast, gym towels and sports towels are a must-have. Explore and get a great selection of premium-quality towels.

What Makes Kids and Baby Towels Perfect

Having a cute and cosy baby towel handy for various baby needs is essential. A high-quality kid’s towel should be your best pick, and you should never settle for less. While purchasing baby towels, here are a few things to look for.


A good absorbency is the first thing to look for in any towel. The fabric’s nature used in spinning your baby’s towel has a lot to do with its absorbency. Kids towels made of cotton have the highest-absorbency.


No parents would want bacteria to cause ailments to their kids. While purchasing baby towels look for anti-bacterial quality. Best quality baby towels are safe, will detect and prevent illness-causing bacteria from harming your infant.

Fast Drying Rate

While buying baby towels, always consider how quick the towels dry. Fast-drying towels prevent odour. Premium-quality cotton towels can absorb water quickly and are quick drying.


Towels are often topped with fabric softeners to make them feel soft in hand, but the softness reduces after the towel had been washed once or twice. The softeners also reduce the towel’s absorbency in the long run. Microfiber towels made of Japanese cotton, rayon, etc. are usually soft and silky.


When selecting baby towels, durability is another important factor that can’t be looked upon. Durable towels will last longer, no matter how rigorous the use is. Usually, 2-ply towels are stronger and more durable. Cotton towels work the best.


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Your perfect companion to bathroom, gym, and kitchen

The softer, the better; this phrase defines your expectations every time you wipe yourself after walking out of a warm shower or steam bath! If you are looking for luxury towels, bathrobes, gym towels and more, read along the blog to explore some of the finest quality options waiting for your gaze.

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