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Bathrobe and Dressing Gown Maintenance Guide

Our bathrobes are perfect for wrapping yourself up in comfort after your shower or bath. Our terry cotton robes are also suitable for use after your shower routine as dressing gowns or choose from our waffle & polyester finish dressing gowns. To get the best performance and life out of your bathrobe or dressing gowns, we have put together some hints and tips!

Use a Hanger

No matter what your robe or gown is made of, keep it on a hanger to maintain the garment’s shape.

Seasonal Maintenance

In between seasons, switch between lighter and heavier fabrics, whilst making sure to wash the robes before putting them in storage.

Prevent bathrobes from Fading]

Dark-coloured bathrobes (cotton terry towelling) can fade after a few washes, so wash and dry them inside out or away from direct sunlight. To maintain the premium quality and performance of your terry cotton robes, avoid using fabric softeners. Terry towelling absorbs detergents and using excess detergents will decrease their performance. Be careful to avoid using any bleaching agents in your wash/ around your towels to avoid discolouration.

Cotton care

Wash cotton robes in lukewarm or cold water (washing cotton over 40 degrees will begin to break down the cotton fibres, which causes pilling and thinning). Aim to use mild detergent only, as soap and softener build-up inhibits drying performance.

Polyester care

Machines wash polyester robes in warm water and dry them at a low temperature and warm iron when needed.

Polyester robes can be machine washed and dried naturally or at a low temperate. Please refer to the care label on dressing gowns for full care instructions.

Polycotton care

For our polycotton waffle dressing gowns, we recommend washing at lukewarm temperature and hanging them to dry to best maintain their shape. Please refer to the care label on the gowns for full instructions.

Deleted silk/linen as we do not sell these.


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